Enchanted Evening


Whilst participating in the Team London Visitor Welcome Programme at Thurloe Place in South Ken*, London in August. I was fortunate to be close to the Travel Photographer of the Year Exhibition in the Royal Geographical Society (RGS).

Our London Visitor Welcome Information POD was located outside the Victoria & Albert (V&A) Museum, whilst the RGS is the other end of Exhibition Road, near Hyde Park.

I learnt about the exhibition from our training**. Being made aware of it, along with many of the other cultural pursuits and activities in “Albertopolis“.


Fellow photography enthusiast and travel blogger Travelling Dave and myself went along to their final ‘Enchanted Evening‘. An insightful talk with one of the judges, sharing what makes an outstanding travel photo. Totally inspiring my passion for travel and capturing images along the way!

Even if, due to health, some of my adventures are unable to be as far-flung as some locations photographed, the motivation to explore is strong!

* Its known by Londoners (short for South Kensington).

** By Team LondonMayor of London / Exhibition Road Cultural Group / London City Information Centre (Take a look at what they do: video 1 / video 2 ). 


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