South Sands: Salcombe

Natural Ria

I fulfilled a wish this summer as made it to South Sands in Salcombe (via Stagecoach X64 Sunday bus service from Newton Abbott to Salcombe and South Sands ferry). First time returning in 27+ years.

Growing up, we had a few out of season family holidays here. Fond memories of autumn storms crashing the door of the pub, as we sat huddled with my Dad wearing his nautical watch, sailing with Uncle Bill and his family…

Jetty Crabbing

… and crabbing on the jetty. Now they seem to have proper crabbing buckets!

Sea air always has a beneficial effect on my health and I felt rejuvinated for a quick but cold dip! Salcombe is “like paradise” a Plymouth Chinese taxi driver said to me a few days later. Have to say he was spot on!

*Ria = sunken valley


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